XXL product review: Lightfast test for Prang, Royal Langnickel, Peerless, Holbein, and Shin Han Pass

When I started painting again this year, I didn’t think much about the quality of my paints. All that mattered was the color: which ones yielded the brightest colors, which ones gave the prettiest pinks and purples, which ones had the bluest blues. Everything was going well until some of my works started fading. It hasn’t been a problem for me when I was a student, since I didn’t keep my works long enough to see how they changed; but now that I’m selling pieces, I’ve become more concerned with how my paints hold up in the long run. So I did a little reading to find why my paintings were fading, and found that exposure to sunlight played a big part. To avoid fading, paintings had to be kept away from direct sunlight, and make sure that the paints are lightfast. Continue reading