I remember the exact moment when I started to draw a face that wasn’t two dots and an arc inside an egg shape. I was in third grade, and was obsessing over Sailor Moon for some time. It was also that time when school has not quite ended, but was about to; everyone was just killing time until March ended. Out of boredom, I decided to sketch Chibiusa, the little cotton candy haired one, from a playing card that I had in my stash. I did it in pencil and blue ink in a half pad lined in blue and red. I spent a good hour or so copying her bug eyes, arc brows, the teensy mouth, and the little c’s and opposite c’s that were her bangs. The finished product wasn’t anything breath taking, but it was important to me. That was my first portrait (although a friend pointed out that it wasn’t, technically, on the account that Chibiusa was a cartoon character. Thanks, supportive friend :-l).
From 9 to 12, I’ve drawn many faces, mostly anime (like many kids from my generation did), and I guess that’s how I developed a fascination with faces. I can look at faces all day long. Thick brows on slanted eyes, wide noses, and lips the shape of leaves. They don’t have to be attractive, but I like them better when they’re unique. For a time, during my high school and early college years I’d go thrift shopping for old magazine issues, and I’d choose the ones had a lot of head shots.

Ironically, I stopped drawing faces when I took a course that required me to draw every waking minute of my life. During those times, I substituted drawing faces with drawing on faces. In hindsight, I think I got into makeup because I loved faces.

A few weeks ago, I started drawing faces again, after ten or so years of hibernation. I haven’t kept any of my old sketches, so now I’m keeping all the new ones that I’m doing, both good and bad, including studies. I’m also planning to render in watercolor, which is new territory for me. I’ve rendered a face in watercolor just once in my life (a school requirement), for good reason. The finished product of that little adventure looked like the lady was made of jello (which can be good or bad depending on how you lool at it) Pencil, ink, and colored pencil have always been my mediums, and I’m not quite sure if I can do watercolor. But i’ve already bought all my painting stuff, so I’d be forced to do it some time. Just wish me luck on it.


My latest project, Miranda Err. I sketched this without an eraser, so I wasn't able to edit my proportions and positioning. This was supposed to be Miranda Kerr, but it looks more like Idina Menzel in the sketchpad. Hahaha.