Kuala Lumpur in a day (part 2)

Things I wish I thought of before I went on a day tour of KL:

1. You have to make reservations to get up the Petronas Towers


Uh oh… Somebody’s pissed.


Interesting drain covers. Yes, I take pictures of drain covers.

The tickets were already sold out when we got there so we decided to go to the Menara Tower instead, which brings us to number 2:

2. Things are much farther than they appear.



cat fight. rawr.

Where I grew up, we define “walking distance” as anything within your line of sight (or anything within the assumed range of where your lips point). When we saw the Menara from the Petronas, we thought “Meh, let’s just walk. Can’t be that far, right?” Besides, our map tells us that it’s only a few blocks away. WRONG, because number 3 is

3. Maps lie.


That’s not what our map said.

House was right. Everybody lies. Even our map lied to us. The few blocks between Petronas and Menara were actually a crisscross of roads that they omitted from the map. On the positive side, the walk wasn’t so immediately draining. Most streets were lined with trees and I don’t recall going over footbridges to get across the street. On the down side, my feet took a terrible beating all because I didn’t think of number 4:

4. Crocs are not walking shoes.

Neither are flip-flops. Fitflops are still flip-flops, so no. I should’ve worn a decent pair of walking shoes because we did’t know number 5

5. Menara is on top of a hill.


Looking up is a habit that I’ve developed throughout my travels. It also tells everyone that i’m a tourist.

Menara is used as a television and radio broadcasting tower. It is therefore strategically located on top of a little bump in the KL terrain. It also houses a cafe, a viewing deck, and other attractions. After pulling ourselves up the hill and refilling our tanks at the concessionaire in the ground floor, my friends and I went up to the viewing deck to get a look at the city.


See? It looked so near.


jealous of all that greenery.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So is a flattering mirror. So I guess this is a 2-in-1 deal

No matter how much ranting I do about that walk, I’d still say that it was worth it. Any walk, even the most pointless walk around a city is always worth more the throbbing and the blisters and the callouses (my, what a flattering picture of my feet i’m painting). Now despite all that I’ve just said, we took a cab to our next destination, but the walking wasn’t over yet.


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